Heaven’s Messenger


“You have the gift…I know for sure you’re the real deal, because what you said a while ago to me is happening now. Keep up the great work.”

Angie Paleczny

“I can attest 100% that Jarred is for real!”


“You are gifted by God and God bless you and protect you allways for the amazing job you do which is hard work.”

Angela T

“Jarred Heaven’s Messenger blew my mind on three different occasions. He healed my girlfriend in pain 12 years in three visits. I’ve sent 43 people to Jarred. 97% were happy!”

Tony Riccio

“Well I know you’re for real, you helped our family by clearing my house of spirits. There will always be people that don’t believe. You have a gift and you helped me so much.”

Christina Keating

“Jarred I want to tell you the difference you made for me. Since your treatment I am a different me. I was actually able to sleep for the first time in weeks. Furthermore I am used to crying most of the day and almost the entire night. As soon as the tears started rolling thoughts of you came into my mind and I literally felt lifted up spiritually and felt as if I was surrounded by light and being looked after. Each and every time the tears started they immediately dried up and stopped coming. It was a miracle. I know you deal with angels and holy spirits and I have felt your energy and intense power but this was at another level. I felt as if you and the Angels were there with me protecting me and keeping the tears away and at the same time lifting me up emotionally and spiritually. Thank you I owe you and can never give you enough to compensate for what you have done for me. You are worth much more than any dollar amount. How can we put a price on a man who does miracles and works with Angels? I know you are a humble man and that you get pleasure out of helping others. That being said you deserve everything the world has to offer. Thank you again. BTW I have a friend who will come see you. She lives in the States and is about a six hour plane ride away. Word of you is spreading.”


“I love playing with Light and Darkness, shadows and brightness and finding a beautiful balance between them. As we can’t appreciate light and love without darkness and hate; however last night after my Chakra healing and balancing session with a real medium (light worker) finished, we got into a spiritual discussion and my eyes are now even wider! I loving knowing truths, I loving not residing in a zombie state and pretending all is well,  knowing what I know is a blessing; as a healer and goddess; however what I now know makes me want to work even harder in the direction of LIGHT. I ask all healers, light workers and mediums to come together and work to raise vibrations…we got a lot of work to do! Thanks a lot Jarred! You are truly what you say you are…you’re a blessing to this world my darling. Blessings and Love.”

Yolanda Domazet

“The first time I met Jarred. I felt amazingly good. You feel the light around him, when you meet him. I saw him for a clairvoyance session and Chakra treatment. The clairvoyance helped me accept what for many years I didn’t want to accept. He affirmed some things that i didn’t want to accept as truth. He told me that I had a bright future in front of me which did help me to gain confidence. After he did the Chakra treatment. That treatment was the best thing that could have happened to my body. The intense sensation of feeling your heart beat up and down my spine was truly amazing. The peace and clear state of mind you get after is totally worth it. For anybody out there needing help Jarred is the man! It’s was an amazing experience and I look forward to using his service again.”


“I was the second client last night, and my session with Jarred Heaven’s Messenger was incredible! Everything he said was spot on and it was very emotional and healing at the same time! Highly recommend Jarred!  Thank you so much again!!”

Tania Lapenna

“Your reading was spot on. Exact. You said exactly what I have felt and what I thought to be true. I could not ask for a better reading Jarred.”


“Yes, I understand your feeling of enlightenment after seeing Jarred Heaven’s Messenger. The aura around him anyone spiritual can feel is light; healing. His strong energy is infused by this light. You can actually feel the heat; healing penetrating into you as he massages. It’s something everyone should experience. It’s also a chance for a person to connect; open themselves to good; a widened Universe. Definitely a higher awareness.”

Joddy Schnapp

“Jarred did a cleansing at my house, it was necessary.”

Sandra Gajdos

“Jarred did a reading on my mom which I heard about everything he predicted has happened so far.”

Alexa Weiser

“You’re the real deal Jarred…continue this wonderful work! Have a blessed day.

Tracy B

“Thank you Jarred Heaven’s Messenger. It was a peaceful experience. Thanks for answering my questions & talking with me.”


“If you need to recharge your life batteries, give my friend Jarred Heaven’s Messenger a call, or check out services on his web page. Spread the love.”

Joe B

“The other night I met up with a friend Jarred Heaven’s Messenger. I really went with little expectation. Jarred asked to see a picture of my late husband which I gladly showed him. He put his hand over the picture and I was able to feel the energy. He explained to me certain things about talking to the deceased and he started. He described my husband to a “T”, he answered a couple of questions for Ricardo that I needed to know.  My husband spoke through him! Not like you see in the movies or others who claim they can do this. This was genuine. Everything he told me only I or my kids could have known – private details. I watched him as his eyes were closed the whole time become very emotional as my husband relayed messages he wanted me to know. I am more at peace now and even though I will never get over the loss of my husband, at least have some closure now. As well the spiritual treatment he did was an incredible experience. I don’t know how to describe it to you but I will say when he put his hand over me (not touching me at all) I was able to feel the electricity coming from his hand. As my chakras were closing I was able to feel my whole back vibrate. I am happier, more energetic and my mind seems to be a little clearer. Before I left we also got into a very interesting discussion. His knowledge on the spiritual world is incredible. I learned so much from him. Thank you for everything and I look forward to seeing you again. God Bless!”

Jodi Hymans Murillo

“Last night I had a wonderful clairvoyance and energy session with Jarred Heaven’s Messenger. He was precisely accurate in his reading of my life with answers to all my questions and a path for the future mapped out for me. After our reading he proceeded with a Chakra balancing and with the opening of every chakra he guided me and gave me the confidence to face long overdue issues that we plaguing me, after the opening he balanced them with hot stones for 15 minutes and they say when your chakras are open and balanced you can actually feel your heartbeat in all of them and I am glad to say that I felt it in all of them. This morning I woke up refreshed and did not feel the negativity around as I had in the past. It was a wonderful experience with a gifted soul. I highly recommend to everyone. Thank you Jarred.”

Lori Lefebvre

“I met with Jarred last week and received a message that gave me peace. Thank you for sharing your gift with me.”

Diane P

“You are AWESOME!! Keep up the good work.”

Joe Bentivegna

“Thank you Jarred – got the answers I was looking for.”

Bonnie K

“By far the greatest experience i have ever had! I’m so glad I finally came to see you Jarred Heaven’s Messenger.”

Mary D

“Thank you Jarred. Our first session gave me positive vibes. I’m sure I will see you again soon. Your great manners and professional attitude didn’t go unnoticed. I would absolutely recommend you. Thank you for your kindness and your help.”


“Thank-you Jarred Heaven’s Messenger, excellent reading, confirmed my intuition.”

Debbie H

“Jarred was awesome x”


“I am still feeling blissful after a glorious session with Jarred Heaven’s Messenger. I went to him to get relief from emotional pain as well as physical pain, to my surprise he was this amazing down to earth person who really made me feel relaxed calm and confident that I chose him to help me. It was amazing how I went from being in severe pain to walking out almost dizzy with joy. Even with my eyes closed I could actually feel his energy pass over me, even face down on a massage table I could feel his presence. He took his time and allowed me the time I needed to analyze each chakra what is stood for and how to release the pain I was holding, many tears were shed but the overwhelming peace and serenity I felt was…out of this world. Even when the hot stones were implemented they literally felt like they melted into my skin like an ice cube on hot pavement.  My back pain which had been restricting me from living in harmony was relieved. For the first time in over seven years I feel, calm, pain free and free from fear, anger, loss, self-blame, shame and most of all regret. I left all my pain in that room. I feel so calm and so peaceful. This was a very good experience and I am ready to face a new chapter in my life. I feel blessed!”

Tina Anne Cochrane

“I wanted to share my experience and give a big “thank you” to Jarred Heaven’s Messenger for his kindness and beautiful gift.  My reading was very accurate and his visions were really clear. He was able to connect with someone very special to me who had passed away. It was comforting to know she is happy and smiling. My energy treatment was magical. I could feel his healing energy throughout my entire treatment. I’m looking forward to when we can meet again. Thank you!”

Cathryn Croft