Heaven’s Messenger



Receiving energy from heaven enables Jarred to use his shamanic abilities to help those with disease and sickness and ease the pain of physical and mental suffering. Shamanic energy treatments are Ideal for any type of sickness, disease, pain and emotional as well as psychological ailments. Amount of required sessions depends on the severity of the issue that needs treatment.

Clients often go see Jarred when traditional treatments, services and medicine has failed to help them. When people feel they have no options or hope, they often turn to non-traditional options such as a true shaman. When clients have spent years trying different traditional options and spent thousands and often tens of thousands with no or very little improvement in their conditions, they look for another option. Jarred offers them that option. Jarred offers that hope.

SHAMANIC SESSION: One of the additional shamanic services Jarred offers is the opening and balancing of the chakras, the main energy centers of the body. Chakras often get blocked due to the everyday real life situations and issues we deal with. Blockages can cause spiritual as well as physical limitations and problems. Jarred used a 4 step treatment to remove those blockages and to then balance the energies once they are fully opened. Massage, shamanic oils and hot stones are some of the steps in the treatment.

*Important Notice

*NOTE, these treatments are NOT meant to replace a doctor or medical practioner. For any health issues please consult a doctor, medical practitioner or specialist in the field of the issue at hand. Jarred is not a doctor or certified medical practitioner and seeing Jarred is NOT meant to replace any of the above mentioned.

*NOTE, massage, creams, a shamanic oil blend which includes almond oil and hot stones MAY be used as part of some treatments. This type of treatment cannot be given to anyone with high blood pressure or who is allergic to almonds.