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Receiving energy from heaven enables Jarred to use his shamanic healing abilities to help. Jarred is a local Montreal shaman that offers his services to those afflicted with disease and sickness. His goal is to help ease the pain of physical and mental suffering.

Shamanic energy treatments (or shaman healing sessions) are Ideal for; sickness, disease, pain, emotional and psychological ailments. The amount of required shaman sessions a person will require depends on the severity of the issue that needs treatment.


Clients will often book an appointment with Jarred when traditional treatments have failed them. When traditional services and modern medicine have continually failed a person, it is logical they may seek alternative forms of healing.

When people feel they have no options or hope, it is natural that they turn to non-traditional options for help. Thus is the case with many local shaman’s throughout the world. When clients have spent years trying different traditional options, spent thousands often tens of thousands of dollars with very little improvement in their condition, people look for other options. This is only natural. Jarred offers people that have fallen into this category an alternative option. Jarred’s offers hope.

Shaman Montreal Photo Jarred Heaven's Messenger
Local shaman healer session photo, Jarred Heaven's Messenger


One of the additional shamanic services Jarred offers is the opening and balancing of the chakras. Chakras are the main energy centres of the body. Chakras often get blocked due to everyday life situations and issues we deal with. Blockages can cause spiritual as well as physical limitations and problems. Jarred used a 4 step treatment to remove those blockages and to then balance the energies once they are fully opened. Through massage, shamanic oils and hot stones, Jarred is able to offer a shamanic healing session that will provide many with relief after a single treatment.


Both males and females can possess the power to travel to and communicate with the spirit world. A proper shaman is an individual who has this unique ability and has gone through extensive training to cultivate it.

Prior to acquiring the ability to have their soul leave for the spirit world at will, most will go through a near-death experience. Some people suggest the the survival of a near-death experience serves to assure the soul that traveling to the spirit world is safe.


What a lot of people don’t know is that there are powerful spiritual people who can put themselves into a self-induced trance where they can also go out and experience the spiritual world. A shamanic healer is an individual who has this unique gift.


The process of healing starts with the shaman healer putting themselves into a trance. As indicated above, that allows them to travel to the spirit world where they can summon “helper spirits” to help repair the soul of a client.

To induce the healing process, the shamanic healer might specifically seek help from lost spirit guides and animals to bring about healing powers. The combined forces of shamanic healing and helper spirits can bring about enough healing power to heal a client’s soul.

When clients need this kind of healing, it usually arises after the client has gone through a traumatic mental, emotional, or physical experience. There is something about the trauma that has left the client’s soul damaged and their life energy off-kilter. Through the shaman’s efforts, clients are able to find spiritual balance and a stronger sense of well-being.


Anyone who is willing to accept the existence of the spirit world would benefit from working with a shaman healer Montreal. This entire process is ideally suited for anyone who is feeling lost and lacks balance in their life.

Their role in the healing process is very simple. They intend to serve as the conduit or connection between the client and the client’s spirit guides. The reconnecting of damaged souls with spirit guides serves to bring the client inner peace and protection for their soul.


Jarred is a natural born shaman healer. Most shamans spend decades studying in the jungle to reach a high level of shamanism. Jarred was born at the highest level of shamanism although he did spend years working on his gift.

As a shaman, Jarred incorporates many different aspects into shaman healing. He often incorporates his abilities as a medium, exorcist and clairvoyant into his approach of shamanism based on a case-by-case basis. As a shaman spiritual healer, he believes in complete honesty, authenticity and is known to call it exactly as he sees it.

He is known for his integrity and professionalism, yet he is a down to earth regular family man. You may be surprised to see his motorcycle parked outside, his body covered in tattoos and a bottle of scotch and some cigars waiting for him when he finishes his work. He is not what some might expect what a typical healer to look like which some say, makes him more authentic and real.

Jarred warns that the terms shaman, shaman healer, healer, shamanism, and shaman spiritual healer get thrown around too casually and that these days you can seemingly find someone on every street corner calling themselves a shaman. He warns to be weary of those that might have taken a “class” or weekend seminar on how to be a shaman.

Those charging exorbitant amounts of money another warning sign. Promises of full healing or complete recovery are yet another warning sign he suggests considering. Many so-called shamans offer services to “clear negative energy” or “remove demons”’ and one must be extra careful as very few people are legitimate shamans. Let alone do they can remove evil or demons as they may claim.

Local Montreal Shaman, Jarred Atkin


Jarred is one of the very few in the world known internationally as a healer who uses his gift as an exorcist to cleanse evil and remove demons. Unlike many claiming to have a spiritual gift, or those that incorporate drugs such as ayahuasca to “connect” to the spirit realm, Jarred requires no drugs. He has a direct divine connection to the spirit world.

Circles of light can often be seen in his hands while he works and a light from his eyes will often shine. Many even see an aura of white light surrounding him while he works. It is also worthwhile to note that many “shaman healers” often use sage, incense, “holy water” or instruments such as drums or vibrational tools to “cleanse” evil, “heal” or “clear” haunted homes.

Jarred is very clear that such tools are only meant to be used as part of a preparatory ceremony. Similar to the way native Indians would make use fire, dance, and music before war.


No real shaman will claim to rid evil or heal simply by bringing some incense and sage and banging on a drum. Very often a real shaman healer such, as Jarred, will spend much of his time healing and helping people spiritually, mentally, and physically. He will also however spend time performing exorcist duties. Very often both specialties are needed.

Final important warning from Jarred: group shamanism, group “classes”, group shamanic mediations and shamanic group Ayahuasca sessions are extremely dangerous and not recommended at all under any circumstances by Jarred. They often result in people becoming possessed.

*Important Notice
*PLEASE NOTE: these treatments are NOT meant to replace a doctor or medical practitioner. For any health issues please consult your doctor, medical practitioner or specialist in the field of the issue at hand. Jarred is not a doctor nor is he a certified medical practitioner. Seeing Jarred is NOT meant to replace any of the above mentioned.

*PLEASE ALSO NOTE: massage, creams, a shamanic oil blends (which include almond oil) and hot stones MAY be used as part of some shaman healing treatments. This type of treatment cannot be given to anyone with high blood pressure or who is allergic to almonds.

Thank you