Heaven’s Messenger


Why you may wish to speak with a medium

  • Have you looked for closure since the loss (physical death) of a loved one?
  • Are you looking for reassurance that your loved one is resting in peace?
  • Do you simply wish to say hello to a loved one?
  • Do you have questions that only your loved one can answer?

When a loved one has passed, it leaves many of their survivors with a sense of loss. What’s missing is the ability to communicate with the passed loved one when the need to do so arises. For people who can open their minds to the possibility of communicating to people in the hereafter, the use of a psychic medium can be very helpful.

What is a psychic medium anyway?

A medium is an individual who can connect and communicate with people in the hereafter. Or put more simply, mediumship is the ability to speak with the deceased and connect with the spirit realm.

They can do this through attributes like clairvoyance, clairsentience, and clairaudience. Very often this service or gift is confused with or interchanged with the services of a clairvoyant or psychic. In rare instances some spiritual workers, such as Jarred, are both.


Jarred acts like a conduit or channel that communicates information between the deceased and the living.

When & why do people seek out this spiritual service?

One of the primary reasons why people struggle to let go of loved ones who have passed away is because they did not get the closure they need when the loved one was living. They did not get answers to questions that were important to them or perhaps they felt bad because they didn’t get to say things that needed to be said.

To help the healing process and make closure possible, a medium can connect with specific souls in the spirit world. They do this by employing their psychic powers to communicate.

Worthy of noting is that they do not speak with the deceased the same way we as humans communicate with each other. Spirits communicate by visions and feelings which the trained medium picks up on.

If the passing of a loved one has left you with an unexplainable sense that things were left unsaid, up in the air or unfinished, you can close this gap.

The experience requires open mindedness

Before you schedule an appointment (or session as it is commonly referred to in this field of spirituality), you need to assure that you will be able to be open minded to the process. You must be open to the possibility that communicating with the deceased is possible. This will put you in a mind frame that helps you work through the process ahead of you. Also, you need to go into your session expecting the unexpected. Spirits will determine what is said. This can often be shocking.

While each individual operates differently, all authentic mediums have the ability to communicate with spirits. You can ask specific questions of a passed loved one or simply say hello and await a response. The spirit in question will determine what and how to answer.

Spirits cannot lie. So any answer you will receive will be truthful. At all times, you must keep your expectations in check. Your medium can only communicate back what is communicated to them.

Spirit, psychic, readings & common misconceptions

Very often those not familiar with this field of spirituality will casually throw around and abbreviate terms like spirit, psychic, and readings to the term medium. Many not familiar with this service throw these terms around as if they are all interchangeable. Essentially, people unfamiliar with this service will clump together terms assuming they are all related. Even many who claim to be “true” practitioners get confused with the different terms, their specifications and general terminology associated to the ability.

A real, natural born medium such as Jarred can of course connect with the deceased but can also connect with angels and other beings of light in the spiritual realm.

Can’t anyone spiritual do this?

There are many people who confuse instinct or what is often called a sixth sense or even intuition with being a psychic medium. Every single human has the potential to tap into their natural intuition and sixth sense to sometimes “feel” or “know” things that are not plainly obvious to the naked eye, this however does not give them the ability to channel information from the deceased to the living world.

In fact almost always, people with nonetheless heightened senses do not equate to people that are spiritually gifted to listen and speak with the deceased.

psychic medium image

Separating fact from fiction

Almost all of what is seen on tv, in movies and now very often on social media is pure nonsense and nothing but acting or outright fraud.

Always beware of someone claiming to speak to many spirits at the same time or doing group events. Additionally, be just as careful of those claiming to have inherited their gift from a parent. The gift of a medium does not work this way. Speaking with the deceased is very difficult and should not be taken or viewed lightly.

Contact Jarred Heaven’s Messenger

A spiritual specialist and messenger like Jarred can help you contact you contact loved ones who have passed on. During powerful contact of deceased sessions, people can find peace and closure in knowing they have heard directly from their loved ones. If you are looking for a medium to assist contact Jarred to learn more, ask questions and see how this service may help you find peace.

Jarred offers proof of who he spoke with as opposed to general statements. Jarred doesn’t want to know who you wish to contact until you are sitting down in front of him.

Sessions with a medium can be extremely emotional, especially once the realization sets in that he has contacted and is truly speaking directly to their loved one.