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Heaven’s Messenger


View and download Jarred Heaven’s Messenger’s complete Press Kit.

Inquire about Jarred’s availabilities for public speaking engagements or interview requests.

Interview in English and Spanish with Nova Vision TV.

Solo in the City CJAD 800 Montreal with dating guru Cheryl Besner. Episode “Breaking up” aired on May 27, 2017.


Jarred with Vinny, Nikki, Paul and Sam from The Beat 92.5 morning show at the haunted Notman house.

Interview with hostesses Angélique Charreau et Audrey Grenier for the radio show “La sexualité et toutes ses couleurs” on 102.3 FM Radio Centre-ville

Interview with Nadia Marie Ricci from the radio show Jeudi Martini on Radio Lasalle, 100.1FM


Bilingual interview on the talk show La Voix du Succès with Patrick Ramirez.


Interview on the talk show La Voix du Succès that aired April 4 on the channel ICI.


Interview with producer and host Patrick Ramirez along with hostesses Audrey Grenier and Hélène Grenier on the first ever episode of the new talk show “Patrick Ramirez Angels” that aired Sunday February 22 on the channel ICI.

Nadia Marie Ricci, guest host Joe Sorrenti and Jarred Heaven’s Messenger.

Interview with hostess Nadia Marie Ricci and guest host Joe Sorrenti for the radio show “Jeudi Martini” on 100.1FM Radio Lasalle. I join the show at the 18 minute 5 second mark until the 49 min mark.