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Demons are there to cause you harm and ruin your life. They can potentially cause insanity, suicide and can even kill, a haunted house specialist can help.
Haunted house Montreal photo by Jarred Heaven's Messenger

When to consider contacting a Haunted House Specialist

Have you ever wondered to yourself… “is my house haunted?” If so, Jarred Heaven’s Messenger is a haunted house specialist that can clear a home of entities such as ghosts, demons, and spirits using spiritual energy and shamanic techniques.

Maybe you think you saw a ghost because you saw, felt, or heard something that raised your suspicions. Maybe, it was nothing more than intuition that told you there is a strange presence in the house.

If you struggle to believe in the concept of ghosts, you might have tried to blow off what you experienced as your imagination playing games with you. If your mind is open to the possibility spirits will anchor themselves to a particular home, you are very likely concerned about the possibility you are being haunted.

Signs you may need a Haunted House specialist

  • Are there locations in your home that you feel uncomfortable going into and that give you an uneasy feeling that you cannot explain?
  • Do certain areas of your home have a cold feeling or heaviness to them or a strange energy?
  • Do you think you see shadows moving at night?
  • Do your kids wake up screaming?
  • Have you ever woken up and not been able to move as if you were being held down?
  • Do you have a cat that often hisses at the air for no apparent reason?
  • Do you have a dog that stares at a corner or the same spot over and over again?
  • Have you experienced electronics turning off and on by itself?
  • Have you noticed that objects seemed to have been moved even though you know nobody moved them?
  • Have pictures or mirrors or crosses mysteriously fallen off your walls?
  • Have you found mirrors or glass picture coverings cracked or inexplicably broken?
  • Have you tried selling your home but for some unexplained reason you can’t close the deal even when the home is being sold at under market value?
If you answered yes to any of these questions then your home may very well be haunted. No, you are not crazy. It may have entities. Jarred clears homes or offices of entities such as ghosts, demons and spirits using energy and special techniques and will purify the home and make sure no negative energies or entities remain.

No good entity will hang around your home. Entities from the light stay in the light. Only evil entities will invade your home.

Some Signs an evil Spiritual Entity Might Exist in Your Home

Assuming your mind is opened to the spirit world, you’ll find that the signs an entity is in your midst are usually very clear. You will encounter evidence in the sudden and unexplainable movement of objects. You might sense the swoosh of air though no doors or windows are open. You might see shadows or hear sounds that seemingly have no place in your home. Finally, it might be nothing more than an odd smell or light flash.

Haunted house expert

Jarred is a haunted house expert. Is your house haunted? Good question. It is much more common than people think. Shows on TV are very misleading and factually incorrect for many reasons. To begin with, none of the so called “ghost hunters” or “paranormal experts” are hunters or experts. None of them truly understand the spirit realm or paranormal.

None of them have an actual gift or ability to detect entities who don’t openly show themselves or to remove them once detected. They can pretend all they want however clearing actual haunted homes of entities is not a fictional move like Ghost Busters. It’s easy to walk into a home suspected of being haunted with fancy machines and equipment that detect sound, energy or can see what the human eye cannot see. Then what? Nothing.

They detect entities and then leave since they cannot remove them. They have no idea what type of entities they are, how they got there and what to do about it! Jarred needs no equipment or fancy machines. He enters a haunted home only with his own ability. He detects, sees, and removes entities without any additional tools other than his eyes and hands. He is often seen in a “Spiderman” pose pointing his hands in a specific direction. That always means bad news for evil entities!

It’s usually a feeling of unease for no reason

When Jarred enters a haunted home rest assured when he leaves there are no entities left. Another non-factual assumption spread on TV and by so called ghost hunters is that the haunted homes have ghosts. Many people use the term ghost to refer to all entities in a haunted home. This is incorrect. A ghost is a soul which is stuck here in the physical. A spirit who never crossed over. A ghost is much rarer than people realize. For every 1000 entities Jarred will deal with maybe 1 is a ghost.

Luckily for them, Jarred is one of the few who can legitimately help cross them over to the spirit realm. Another misconception is that “good” spirits or entities hang around the home. They do not. When you go to Heaven the last thing you want to do is come back here snd hang around.

Although it is comforting for people to believe their loved ones who passed away are spending time daily in their homes, this is not the case. Good spirits may pass by occasionally and only for a very short period. They will most often choose to communicate with us via dreams as it is easier for them. Any entities hanging around the home are “bad” and have malicious intentions. Sadly, most so-called mediums or psychics have no idea and will often call everything a ghost, beware or these people.

Very often the same people will tell you that it is your loved ones hanging out and not to worry. This is absurd and dangerous. Also beware of those claiming to be able to “cleanse” your home and who will throw some toilet water around flaming its holy water, burn some incense or sage, chant a few hymns, and sometimes bang a drum. This is a scam or at the very least misguided fools thinking they have a gift. Thinking evil entities can be removed by burning some sage or singing a song or throwing some toilet water on the walls is nonsense and once again dangerous. Very haunted homes are obvious. Things will move around. Electrical appliances or lights will flicker off and on. Things will disappear. Doors will open and close. It is not usually that obvious.

It’s usually a feeling of unease for no reason. Sometimes it’s seeing a shadow move. Sometimes it’s feeling a presence. If you are not sure but have pets, pay attention to their behaviour. Pets have a much more advanced ability to see or sense entities than humans do. Dogs will often bark while staring at certain areas. Cats will often hiss at certain areas. Pets will often refuse to go into or sleep in certain rooms.

Jarred is one of the very few who haunted house specialists in Montreal that can not only detect demons and other entities in haunted homes but also remove them. He doesn’t use fancy machines or gadgets, only his hands! Jarred destroys demons and entities by using the heavenly energy that flows from his hands and gives you your house back so that you can feel safe and secure once again in your home.

Jarred was with the Montreal radio station Beat 92.5 morning show at one of Canada’s most haunted house Montreal locations, the Notman House. See the video here.