Heaven’s Messenger


Demons are there to cause you harm and ruin your life. They can potentially cause insanity, suicide and can even kill.


  • Have you ever felt like there was a heaviness around you?
  • Have you ever experienced intense mood swings for no reason?
  • Have you ever felt like you had no control over things and saw them beginning to spiral out of control?
  • Have you ever felt a pain in a specific area of your body for no apparent reason?
  • Has it happened where you felt as if you were being watched?
  • Have you fallen into intense moods of depression for no reason?
  • Have you ever felt constantly exhausted for no apparent reason?

If you answered yes to any of these questions you may have a DEMONIC ATTACHMENT.
A demon can attach itself to you like a leech and drains all your positive energy and feeds you negative and toxic energy.

  • Do you or a family member seem like a different person?
  • Do you or they do things that can’t be explained and are very out of character?
  • Do things happen that you can’t remember?
  • Do your or their eyes occasionally turn dark even for a split second?
  • Have you or they ever spoken in a foreign language you don’t recognize?
  • Have your or their voice even taken on an unexpected deep tone?
  • Have several aspects of your life taken an unexpected and negative turn all at the same time?
  • Do you or they hear voices in your head?

If you answered yes to some of these questions there may be a demon that has possessed the body.

Jarred is one of the very few worldwide chosen by Heaven to fight and defeat these demons and negative entities. Becoming a vessel for Jesus and the archangels during exorcisms, Jarred will destroy the demons who have possessed bodies. You can and will have your life back! You and your family can feel safe again. Heaven uses Jarred to fight and destroy the shadow that has invaded your life and caused you so much harm and damage.

Jarred is a world-renowned exorcist. As a real exorcist and in fact a natural born exorcist, Jarred understands the spirit world extensively and knows exactly how to deal with demons. He destroys them. There are very few real exorcists.

There are some who may be able to remove a demon form a possessed person however Jarred is one of very few who can literally destroy the demon. Removing it is not enough. The demon would simply find another body to possess.

Exorcist Jarrred Heavens Messenger YouTube photo
Jarred Heaven’s Messenger exorcisms recorded live! Faces covered. NOTE: You must sign in to YouTube and confirm your age to watch.
Destroyed demons no longer exist and can never possess anybody else. People have come to see Jarred from all over the world and very often for his exorcist services. With clients snd followers in over 70 countries worldwide Jarred has been able to help thousands of people and save hundreds of lives. Literally.

An interesting tidbit of information jarred wants people to know is this; demons do need permission to enter a body. Like how vampires in the movies need permission to enter a home. Although there are some people who openly invite demons in, most do so without realizing it. How? Simple. They get tricked.

Demons never show up with horns and a pitchfork when they want you. They always appear to you as everything you always wanted, as a loved family member who passed on, as a favourite character, bro gong rainbows and flowers! Most people do not have the spiritual strength to “feel” or “see” that the spiritual being is in fact evil and not good. Possession usually happens on 3 ways although there can be others.

Children often get possessed by “imaginary friends”’ who want to “play”. Children are pure and innocent and do not know any better. Adults will usually get possessed either during a deep meditation where beings will come to them or while they sleep. During sleep part of the soul will travel to the spirit realm and can often interact with spiritual beings. Deep mediations will put us in a “sleep like” state. So often beings will trick us into inviting them in.