Heaven’s Messenger


Jarred is blessed with a very powerful mission and gift. He has been Chosen as a vessel and messenger to deliver messages from heaven and to spread truth.

Chosen to spread the light
Chosen to suffer the stigmata
Chosen to help heal
Chosen to help change the world

Chosen as a Messenger from above, Jarred is a world renowned exorcist and haunted house specialist, natural born shaman, medium and clairvoyant. He is also an author of a book titled Jarred Heaven’s Messenger which has a 5 star rating on Amazon, as well as an actor. He recently had a speaking role in a horror film called The Lodge..

Jarred has followers and clients in over 60 countries and from every race, nationality, color, religion, creed and sexual orientation. One of his videos is closing in on 6,000,000 views.
He is a father of 5 spiritually gifted children, is a lover of animals, nature, tattoos, motorcycles, cigars, Italian food, whiskey and wine.

He speaks 3 languages and can understand on a very basic level 3 others. He is one of very few worldwide who suffers the Stigmata (pain and/or marks of the Crucifixion of Jesus). In fact Jarred suffers both marks and excruciating pain which have been witnessed by many people. His wife suffers Stigmata as well.




I am a natural born clairvoyant. My sessions are powerful and deep. Not fortune telling. I tell you what you need to hear, nor what you want to hear. No cards or tools. I have a direct connection to angels for my messages. People leave my office with information that will change lives and often even saves lives. Sessions usually last approximately 60 minutes but some have lasted up to 120 minutes as there is NO time limit. Every topic will be covered whether love, relationships, family, health, career, wealth and more.
I am a natural born 7th level Shaman or medicine man which is the highest level of shamanism one can achieve. It is someone who can connect directly with the spirit realm to help heal people and animals. Shamanism has a high success rate. I am often able to help with pain, sickness and disease including mental illness and addiction.
Note I am NOT meant to replace a doctor, medical specialist, medical professional or conventional medicine. Shamanism is an ancient, alternative, non conventional by today’s definition
and natural approach to sickness, pain and disease. I ask that a client commit to at least 4 sessions to give the treatments the highest chance of success.

Clearing homes as a natural born haunted house specialist is one of my specialties and one of the reasons i am known in over 60 countries.
Entities need to be removed and the only way s to destroy them! That is what I do. I find and destroy them so your lives can go back to normal. In the haunted house section on my site, I ask several questions to help you determine if your home is haunted. Entities will always increase their activity so the danger to you and your family increases as well. Do not wait to get help!

People have contacted me from all over the world for my services as a natural born exorcist. I have performed exorcisms on children as young as 2 and adults as old as 81. I have a 100% success rate! I charge a fraction of what other exorcists charge. It is important to perform any exorcism as soon as it is clear there is a need. In the exorcism section on my site, I ask several questions to help you determine if you or your loved one is possessed or have what is called a demonic attachment.


“I went to see Jarred mainly to communicate with a deceased relative and a very close friend who passed on.

The description of them and things they told Jarred were so accurate. Even down to the movement of the mouth and sounds made by my good friend after drinking the whiskey he so loved to drink! Jarred made me feel comfortable the entire time I was there.”


“Jarred was able to answer a lot of questions for me based on what he saw. He was able to provide the guidance.

He gave me the confidence I lacked to make the correct decisions I needed to make. He was professional and accurate.”