Heaven’s Messenger



Jarred is blessed with a very powerful mission and gift. He has been Chosen as a vessel and messenger to deliver messages from heaven and to spread truth.

Chosen to spread the light
Chosen to suffer the stigmata
Chosen to help heal
Chosen to help change the world



Jarred will contact your loved ones who have passed on during powerful contact of deceased sessions where people can find some peace and closure in knowing they heard directly from their loved ones.


Jarred offers deep and profound clairvoyant sessions with messages delivered directly from the Archangels to help change lives and bring you the comfort of closing the gap of wonder and uncertainty with the ease of reassurance. 


Receiving energy from heaven enables Jarred to use his shamanic abilities to help those with disease and sickness and ease the pain of physical and mental suffering.


Jarred clears homes or offices of entities such as ghosts, demons and spirits using energy and special techniques and will purify the home and make sure no negative energies or entities remain.


Heaven uses Jarred to fight and destroy the shadow that has invaded your life and caused you so much harm and damage.


“I went to see Jarred mainly to communicate with a deceased relative and a very close friend who passed on.

The description of them and things they told Jarred were so accurate. Even down to the movement of the mouth and sounds made by my good friend after drinking the whiskey he so loved to drink! Jarred made me feel comfortable the entire time I was there.”


“Jarred was able to answer a lot of questions for me based on what he saw. He was able to provide the guidance.

He gave me the confidence I lacked to make the correct decisions I needed to make. He was professional and accurate.”